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Date:   July 17, 2009
Name:   Stini
City:   near Appel (!)
Entry:   Hi guys, I'm so existed to see you all again ! "Peace and hairgrease"

Date:   July 16, 2009
Name:   Big Bertha
City:   Small Appel
Entry:   People get ready! They are comming! Rock at its best right from the band who is known as to be better than the original. Get up, stand up an party with them as long as they are walking on german floor! I will.

Date:   December 12, 2008
Name:   Percy
City:   Hamburg / Germany
Entry:   Hi-Ho, you beauty-souls of Texas! Such a long time, since I´ve seen you all. Really missed you here in Germany this year. I was near to fly over to Dallas, and try to catch you at Sue Ellens, but, then I started a new job and so - I´m still sitting here and crying in my soup. Anyhow - my deepest wish is, that you all are doing well and that there´s a lot of love arround you. Take care - LOVEPEACEFREEDOMHAPPINESS - kisses-percy

Date:   September 18, 2007
Name:   Kat
E-mail address:
City:   Dallas
Entry:   Hi Darla. Nice meeting you at Sue Ellen's after the Pride Parade. Keep my card !

Date:   August 27, 2007
Name:   luke and stacey
E-mail address:
City:   Gloucester
Entry:   just a quick message to say thats for everything,we both had a great time, all the best, luke and stacey xxx p.s. chrissy pissy !!