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Date:   June 8, 2010
Name:   Cheryl Bartlett-Büttner
E-mail address:
City:   Jesteburg
Entry:   Hi Everybody, just wanted to say thank you so much for an absolutely excellent concert at Ramesloher Hof last night, my husband Uwe and our friends enjoyed it immensely and we hope to be able to greet you again next year at Aachims or Ramesloh.

Date:   June 5, 2010
Name:   Sabine
E-mail address:
City:   Hamburg
Entry:   Thank you for this great evening. The music especially the voice and sound of Bellas voice are so fantastic. See you soon when you are back in germany. Greatings from Hamburg

Date:   May 11, 2010
Name:   ruth
E-mail address:
City:   nrh,tx
Entry:   You all are fantastic. So, so happy you've come to my stomping grounds. Be prepared for an AWESOME Welcome Back soiree when you come back to the states from your Germany tour. I miss ya'll already. But, I am so proud of you all; especially my dearest Bella. I love you. Peace, ruth

Date:   August 4, 2009
Name:   Antje, Nadine, Alex
City:   Buxtehude
Entry:   Thank you all for playing your music in our big hair dressing room..we enjoyed it and hope that you also had fun and that you could understand our small english microcosmos..

Date:   August 1, 2009
Name:   natascha
E-mail address:
City:   hamburg
Entry:   Hey chris see u soon... it´s time to make a big party.....